My name is Chrissie Shirley. Are you looking to heal from trauma? Connect with yourself and those around you? Enjoy your life and find something more than your white-picket-fence life?

Coming from a small town on the East Coast of New Zealand, I married at the “normal” age and raised a family of 4 kids. I experienced the death of my first child when she was 7 months and became “hooked” on prescription drugs.

When I left my marriage I struggled. The pain of leaving my precious kids on the farm, to work out how I was going to live without them when they had been my life for many years. Was it easy? Nope, but you can’t stay with that person cause you know you are dying in that relationship.

If I’d had the tools of Access then, what a difference it would have made to creating a new life. If you are reading this, you may be looking for something that will help you in your life. Come with me and we can explore the possibilities.

In the last 8 months I have got a new job with a promotion, have lost 26 kg and been able to safely stop taking medication doctors told me I would be on for life.

Julie L.

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So much has changed for me. A long term shoulder problem disappeared, I am standing straighter and taller and I no longer have continuous tension in my upper back muscles.

Catherine W.

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I’ve been going to clarity nights ñ they’ve been a massive contribution to my life … so many tools and questions to ask for more clarity in all areas of life .. so grateful for these evenings 😀


I was on medication for anxiety and depression for over 7 years after having children. I tried to get off the anti-depressants by myself without success. I found Bars in 2016 with Chrissie Shirley which created more joy and space in my world. A couple of years later she got me off my medication with a series of facilitation sessions over 3 months. I’ve been off them for over 2 years and am done with them for life. I’m sooo grateful to Chrissie and Access!!! 😍💝👍🌹

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