Weightloss & Medication

I am so very grateful for meeting Chrissie Shirley and being introduced to Access Consciouness. In the last 8 months since I began this new journey I have got a new job with a promotion, have lost 26 kg and been able to safely stop taking medication doctors told me I would be on for life.

None of this could have been possible had I not been working with Chrissie. She has transformed my life into one with ease, joy and glory and I will forever be profoundly changed in a positive way. Chrissie is caring, kind and so supportive. Her professional manner and knowledge in bars practice is amazing. I highly recommend her.

Julie L.

Body Processes Change All Areas of Life

After attending MTVSS class last Saturday (23 April 2016) so much has changed for me. A long term shoulder problem disappeared making it possible for me to sleep on that side at night which I haven’t been able to in years. I am standing straighter and taller and I no longer have continuous tension in my upper back muscles. In the past this permanent back tension used to make me feel slightly bent over.

After this class I have also gained a lot of awareness about emotional issues and negative patterns I have been holding onto for a long, long time. I have been able to clear these issues with the help of an awesome facilitator, Chrissie Shirley using verbal processes and the Bars. I feel at home in my body like I never have before (or for as long as I can remember). I now feel more at peace and calmer in my body. I feel so blessed to have learnt this amazing body process with such as amazing group of people.

I am so grateful to Chrissie for her skills in facilitating classes and running verbal processes to help me to know what I know so that I can create the changes in my life that I am choosing.

I have also have used MTVSS for my husband’s body aches and pains which disappeared. My son loves having MTVSS run on his body and he is now a happier and more active 6 ½ year old when before he was a little more reluctant to be physical and move his body.

Other observations I had after attending this class was that I was able to perform physical tasks a lot easier too – such as pulling out the garden hose from a sprung loaded spool and when I crushed my weetbix for breakfast it was like I had super powers – the biscuits crushed and went flying everywhere which was pretty funny!

I took the MTVSS class to learn a new technique to help my husband when he gets injured and also to offer to my clients but it was so MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more than that – this class changed my life! – now what else is possible?

Catherine W.

Selling Is So Much Easier

Before I met Chrissie I couldn’t sell as I was stuck in the point of view that you had to be a certain type of person to sell and I was not that!

Chrissie worked with me one on one and in some online classes and we cleared those points of view as well as others that were keeping me from receiving.

Now I have business all around the world and can see the gift and value of what I am offering.  I also have allowance for those who are not choosing to buy from me and recognise it is not about me, it is just their choice.

Super grateful that Chrissie is in my life and business.  Thank you Chrissie!

Michelle E.

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