Sell Your House with Ease – ebook

Have you ever wondered how you could sell your house with more ease?
Chrissie Shirley started writing this book before the stock market became the shock market. When she mentioned to Gary Douglas that she was writing a book about selling houses easily, using the tools of Access, he said ‘Hurry up, get the book written. People in America need it.’
Available on Kindle or puchase the PDF version here

$9.99 NZD


Real Estate Principal Kathy O’Connell said ‘Sell Your House With Ease is over and above the traditional sales training techniques. There’s nothing like it!’

Chrissie Shirley is a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator working in the Real Estate industry who loves selling and has been a salesperson for many years. She asks you to consider some exciting new possibilities: ‘Whether you’re a professional or a private home seller, what would it take for you to discover new and fun ways of promoting your property? What are the infinite possibilities of selling houses with ease, joy and glory?’

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