Chrissie Shirley

I am a  Facilitator of Access Consciousness and I use  the Access tools and processes to assist myself and others to move through stuck positions or areas of life that are not working. It is a great joy to  introduce people to the tools and processes that assist them to break free of many limitations that stop them from having great relationships, ease with their body and with all areas of life.

Many people who use the Access tools find that their life gets better. My life was hardwork  but there was a time when I chose to be conscious, and that choice led me to discover the Access Bars and the further classes of Access. It is an amazing journey and my life has totally turned around, this is what I see for many people who are my clients and participants in my classes.

A little bit about myself: As a young woman I married a man who was abusive and unkind and had five beautiful children with him. My first born died at the age of seven months. I took her to the hospital at age three months when I found out she had mye blastic leukaemia. My heart was breaking and my breasts were aching with the love and grief of being unable to nurture this young, gorgeous infant who was bringing so much joy.

After many years I found myself dying inside, and made a tough decision to separate. We were farmers so my choice to leave meant leaving behind two beautiful young children who loved the farm life and I had created a warm nurturing home for them. There followed many years of struggle until discovering the Access Bars. I am hugely grateful for this very different energy process which releases billions of thoughts, feelings and emotions and allows a person to move forward in their life.  I discovered the bars soon after my gorgeous twenty three year old son was killed in a truck accident a few days before Christmas 1999. I was desperately searching for something that would alleviate this emotional suffering and crying every day. Oh my! My  life started to change. 

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Phone:  +64 (0)22 1877 313

Based:   Hamilton, New Zealand

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